directory in Linux not backed up

  • 20 May 2023
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Hello all


i have a file system agent on a Linux server and I can browse the file system but not completely backup directories. the directories with highlighted green, not backup as in the following screen 

directories not backup 

  • highlighted green 
  • /usr/sap/trans

Note :

I can browse the directory with no issue 

4 replies

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If  you go to the properties of the subclient, do you see these directories as filtered out?

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no filters 

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Hmm interesting.

Any events or failed files on the job? (view events / view failed files when right clicking on the job)


Is anything in /usr/sap/hostctrl backed up? I see it has (almost) the same permissions

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Hi @Ayman_Seyam 


What is the filesystem type of the directory? Can you please share FileScan.log from the client & output of “df -hT” command?