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  • 16 August 2021
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Hi all,

is there any way how to display overall throughtput withing the Commvault Commcell? In the Job Controller I can see a list of running jobs and I want to know the sum of all items in the current throughput column. Is it feasible to manage this task? Can help any tool with it?

I have tried to run cmd q commands and count the throughput within the script, however, the start date of the backup job is not the real one? Then, I am not able to calculate the current throughput. In general, how can I calculate current throughput if it is not possible to directly display it?


Example: in script there is an output for Job Id 35478 - jobEndTime 1629021648, however in CV console for the same job it shows 13:08:43




Thanks for any ideas.


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8 replies

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Hey @drPhil , this will likely be a CMR.  I have reached out to a colleague to see what we have available (and what we can request to dev).

He should be replying shortly.

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Hello @drPhil 

At this time we do not have a way of displaying the average/overall throughput of all the jobs that are running within the job controller. This would definitely be a customer modification request(CMR) which I’d have to bring up to our dev team to get their approval to submit. I’ll reach out to them to see if we can get a CMR open for this request.

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jobEndTime 1629021648 - that is a unix timestamp, which is calculated from the number of seconds since JAN 01 1970 UTC. Generally this is how commvault stores date/time in the database (but not always ;)

That timestamp is:

GMT Sun Aug 15 2021 10:00:48 GMT+0000


You have to adjust for timezone. The other bit is that each job has one or more attempts, phases etc. This is probably the backup phase but excluding archive index phase etc.


Anyway, help that helps- there should be a current throughput column in the table jmjobstats or something like that. I used that before with graphana to chart performance. However, I am pretty sure there are built-in or downloadable reports that also show this in a commcell. Take a look at some of these:!/135/664

Like this one:!/135/664/6497

They can probably be modified to show the aggregate throughput

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Hello @drPhil,

The dev team approved the creation for the CMR and I’ve associated it with your Commcell. You’ll be monitor its progress by going to your cloud dashboard( and in the ‘Modification Request’ tile you’ll see it there. 

In case you need it the CMR number is 326415.

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There is a SQL CommCell View with currentThroughput for running backup jobs in the job controller. You can simply run the SQL query to sum on that column

SUM(currentThroughput) AS CurrentThroughput
FROM [CommServ].[dbo].[RunningBackups]


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That’s awesome, @bish !!  Thanks for sharing!

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Hi guys, @Mike Struening@Damian Andre@Anthony Lordi@bish you are great! Thank you so much for creating CMR! I very much appreciate your help! Just question regarding CMR - where I can check the progress of it - in  ‘Modification Request’  I cant see anything.



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@drPhil , send me a pm (or post here) with your company name.  I sent @Anthony Lordi your email address based on your user ID here and he added that Account, but it’s entirely possible we picked the wrong one.