Does backup includes system information like Security Patches or Hot Fixes

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Hi All,

I have few doubts on File System Recovery

It is stated in the documentation that, we need to collect necessary information like System Information before disaster recovery.

If we have backups in place, Is it mandatory to collect such information to recover the Full System using File System backups?

Because we are not sure when the disaster occurs.

For example, if my system is having Windows 19 OS and it was crashed suddenly, and I don’t have information about patches installed, but I have Full File System backups inplace with System State.

Can I restore the Full Server by building a new Server with same OS with latest patches?


Documentation referred:

Rebuilding the Windows Operating System (



Sravan Kondeti


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Hi Backup, 


During browse and recovery of the system state restore click on Compare option to view the Service Pack information of source and destination. This information has to match which includes Hotfixes 

  1. Click Compare to view the Service Pack information of source and destination computer.

  2. Note down the service packs that are not installed on the destination computer and click Close.

  3. Click No if the source computer and the destination computer have different versions of Windows operating system service packs.

    Install the required versions of operating system service packs and hot fixes on the destination computer.


    It is strongly recommended to ensure that the patch level of the installed OS matches with that of the backup image, as otherwise, the restored system may not boot.


Alternatively you can use 1-touch recovery, with this operation there is no need to rebuild the OS first, this operation is done during the 1-touch recovery, we will rebuild the OS with the version of which we have on our backup :


Kind regards,


Suzanny Lloyd

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Thanks for quick response and support @Suzanny Lloyd, I got it now.