Doubts in performing the backup

  • 22 November 2022
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Hi, guys,

I have a question, not long ago we had problems with a backup that could not be run during the day, it was run manually and crashed the environment, is there any way to lock the backup so it doesn't run manually at specific times

5 replies

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you can use a blackout window. By default interactive jobs are not allowed to run.

Example: Running a job immediately instead of on a schedule is an interactive job

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Hello @marcelo bernardes fernandes 

As Gary noted the Blackout Window will prevent certain jobs from running depending on where you set the Window, but if the Job is run manually, can you simply not run it when it isn’t supposed to run?


Thank you,

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@Collin Harper in my case it would be to not be executed in case of inattention.,
An inattentive analyst tries to run a backup that could not be executed. How to avoid these accidental jobs?

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@Gseibak Does the Blackout Window also prevent manually executed jobs? or just schedule?

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Blackout window prevents both scheduled and interactive (manual) jobs from running during the defined window.