EC2 Full Instance restore failing

  • 12 August 2021
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Hello - we are testing full instance restores of EC2 and VMware to EC2.  Both VMs fail with the following error:  

Import task failed. FirstBootFailure: This import request failed because the instance failed to boot and establish network connectivity..Please refer for further troubleshooting.

Am I to assume this is something with the source instance or possibly the permissions to finish the import?  We created all the necessary roles and applied them to the user we created.  The other thought is Windows licensing?

My user in my test environment is assigned the admin role (I know - insecure) and my restore finished successfully.  I also created and assigned the vmimport role to this user.

Any pointers on this would be appreciated!

Commserve and VSA are running in AWS so I don’t think we have firewall issues.  Backups run just fine.




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4 replies

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Hey @Melissa Adams 

You could be right re: licensing, that is one of the things it tries to do after boot, is apply the AWS volume license.

When you receive the FirstBootFailure error message, it means that your virtual disk image was unable to perform one of the following steps:

  • Boot up and start Windows.

  • Install Amazon EC2 networking and disk drivers.

  • Use a DHCP-configured network interface to retrieve an IP address.

  • Activate Windows using the Amazon EC2 Windows volume license.


You could try another VM or try a linux VM to rule that out. But alternatively, I would recommend sidestepping the vm-import process all-together if you can. The HotAdd restore method is way...waaaay faster and easier if you meet all the requirements.



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@Damian Andre we are working with Johar today to look at permissions and possibly review the source VM.  We will be using LiveSync as well for on prem to AWS so this has to be working.

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@Damian Andre  we have a solution to this kind of.  The issue was the customer is using IMDS v2 and has v1 disabled, which is what Commvault is expecting for metadata.  We were able to get log files to Dev and they asked the right questions which led to the IMDS discussion.  Dev is working on a patch/code to interact with IMDS v2.  Here is the link to AWs on V2 (it’s much more secure):



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Thanks @Melissa Adams - very helpful!

I was not aware of IMDS, but now i know ;)