Estimate space require on proxy exchange to restore mailbox

  • 11 October 2021
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Hello all,
I want to restore a folder from a mailbox exchange form a DAG.
The ddb where is located the box is 500 GB.
Must have an equal space, see larger on my proxy exchange in order to restore the ddb completely to recover this folder ?

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This is not a straight answer however it highly depends on the type of restore you are performing:


For restore from an offline database always expect to use the size of the database + the size of the logs.  


For the block level restore option it can vary.  Normally it is much less then the full size of the database however depending on the database it could require the entire thing.  There is no formula to determine the space ahead of time.  Normally in these situations I would suggest to have enough space for the entire thing but expect it to use less for block level.