Exclude DDB + Index server backups from Synchronous secondary copy

  • 20 September 2023
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Is there a way to exclude DDB + Index server backups from a Synchronous secondary copy ?

Some Additional setting that will do the job ?




Best answer by Gseibak 20 September 2023, 14:53

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4 replies

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Yes, you can exclude them by going to Storage policy copy properties-→ Associations→ Edit

Uncheck the client/subclient to exclude from a secondary copy



Note: The drawback is that manually removing the DDB + index servers from the storage policy copies. Unfortunately, destroys the automatic assignment of new clients/subclients.


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Hi @Nutan Pawar G ,

Thanks for your reply.

I’m looking for a commcell level solution rather than doing manual exclusuions that will impact the automatic assignment of new clients/subclients which we can’t afford.

DDB + Index server backups are ‘system created’  so I guess there should be a way to exclude them all.

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Hi TNO - one method would be to re-associate them to their own SP that does not have a secondary copy. 


there is  a setting to not allow DDB backups to aux copy as defined here -


by default that is normally disabled but check this setting:

“Allow auxiliary copy for deduplication database backup jobs”

You may want to keep the index backups in case of failover where the index might have to be rebuilt on the other site.


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Thank you @Gseibak