File Archiving Massive Recall Space Requirement

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Good day everyone,

I have a customer that has been doing file arching for few years now. But now they need to massively recall everything that has been archived, but for that they need to provision the space required for the recall.

As mentioned on the following thread, I can see the Archive / Compliance Job summary report:

And it shows what was archived using traditional Archiving.

But, the problem is that the customer switched to OnePass at some point. And based on the customer’s estimation, the OnePass archived data does not show in the report.

Is there a way to see how much data has been archived with OnePass?


Many thanks in advance.


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Thank you @Emils ,

I’ll see with the customer why they think there is a huge discrepancy between the report and what they think they archived.

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Hi @Carl Brault 

The report mentioned does include the onepass data.


You can use the  Archive/Compliance Archive Job Summary Report to review information related to all archive jobs and backup jobs on OnePass clients


Keen to better understand how the estimates were calculated.