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  • 24 February 2021
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I am looking for a possibility to export the file list of a browse. A Customer want to know the content of the backup with a listing of all files.


The Backup was made with the NDMP Agent.


Maybe someone has a solution for me.


Kind regards



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3 replies

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In the top right corner of the browse window there’s a down arrow. You can right click and export the results as a CSV.

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@flokaiser If you are strictly looking to get the files on a browse, doing what was suggested before will achieve the goal. Also want to note that by selecting everything and doing CTRL + C will also copy and paste to an excel. 


If you want to go beyond a small list specially if you looking to analyze TB of files I`d recommended the analytics feature which works well. That will give you statistics like, last time a file was accessed, duplicated files, file size, file extension etc. Pretty simple to setup as well.

Good luck.


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That works. Thanks for your fast help!