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Hello all!

I am wondering if there is a way to check “storage” on servers, which are a part of backup in Commvault.

In our company - we as a backup team does not have direct access to hosts, and sometimes it took ages to find someone responsible for server to do some checks…

If there is File System agent installed on server - is there a way to check things like “total size, consumed space, free space”? On both Linux and Windows machines?

It would help us a lot, especially while restoring out of place DBs.

I am asking because i have found that Oracle agent is doing some checks while preparing restore:

I have like thousands of ideas how it could improve our quality of work...

Any ideas?


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While it might not exist natively, you could leverage the Workflow Engine to run a script on the Client prior to initiating a restore, etc.

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As a quick and dirty example, you can use a Workflow to call the following PowerShell command to return the DeviceID, Disk Size, and Free Space for a Windows-based Client, and then output it to a popup

Get-WmiObject -class Win32_logicaldisk | format-list DeviceID, @{n="Size";e={[int]($_.Size /1GB)}}, @{Name="Free Space";e={[int]($_.FreeSpace /1GB)}}





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Many thanks for your support!
Unfortunately, we might not be allowed to run such a script remotely on machines - possible security breach 😅

Nevertheless, it might be helpful for someone else looking for similar solution! 

Have a great day!