Getting your 2003 servers backing up again

  • 21 September 2023
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Hello all.

If like me you’re in the unenviable position of having to still protect some 2003 clients even though they are long deprecated, and after a reboot despite CV services running they just won’t communicate, try adding the nAllowOlderClients setting from here:

This has worked for me.  I didn’t need to change anything on the client itself.

2 replies

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Hello @Yuggyuy 

I understand it can be very difficult situation for your right now however we will, with our best effort try to fix the problem happening in the scope of Commvault. 

Could you please share more light on the issue? What’s the error message you are facing during the installation? Is installation completed and backups are failing? 


Rajiv Singal

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It’s not installation and it’s not a big issue, it’s just some old Windows 2003 clients on V10 that can’t be upgraded.

I have a few and they suddenly stopped communicating into the Commcell.  The above setting has fixed this for me.