How to cleanup/uninstall MediaAgent application on Linux?

  • 18 March 2021
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Hello CommVaulters, 

Uninstallation of MediaAgent on Linux machine via CommCell is failing. So, I would like to clean up mediaagent on Linux and push a fresh media agent software onto it. Please help me with the commands to run on linux machine to manually uninstall or clean up MediaAgent. 

Thanks in advance, 

Arun Kumar KT


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4 replies

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Hi Arun

go through this:

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If that does not work, you can perform these steps to remove the software using only unix tools:


1.) On client run "commvault stop" (this may not work if broken)

2.) Run "ps -ef | grep -i commvault" command to make sure no CV processes are running.
     If there is a process running, run "kill -9 <pid>" to kill it.

3.) Run rm -rf /etc/CommVaultRegistry
4.) Run rm -rf /opt/commvault         
5.) Run rm -rf /tmp/.gxset*           
6.) Run rm -rf /var/log/commvault/*   

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@ArunKT reported that this is resolved:

I could find answer myself․ I could delete commvault related directories and able to install mediaagent successfully․ Thanks․



Could you provide the instructions you have followed?