How to run a report of all files backed up in a folder

  • 5 April 2023
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I have a request to run a report for all files backed up on a specific date within a specific folder.  I am either looking for a report that will show this to me or a way to have all backed up files copied to a spreadsheet.  

I have tried running a file search report a Chargeback report and backup job summary report.  None of these attempts are giving me the listing that I am looking for.  Does anyone have any suggestions on what report to run or how to get the list of all of the files in a CSV?  


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Hi @Ward Duncan,

Unfortunately there isn't a way to do this, because the list of files we protect is stored in separate indexes to the CommServe database - which is the data source for traditional reports.

One way you could do this using the CommCell console - right click on a subclient and select “find”. In the filename critera, put a star *

Click View Content and it will generate a file list from the index. From here you can actually save to CSV or XLS using the double down arrows at the end of the column header row:



I think that should get you what you need.