Hyperscale Reserved Space 6TB

  • 15 February 2021
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I have a Hyperscale setup with Mount Path Reserve Space set to 6144GB. I’m guessing this is set by default and you should avoid changing this. In this setup we have typically statis data and we are close to the limit, passing it during weekends and then getting back some space after Data Aging. 

The system will also have less data to protect in the future as backups will be re-routed to a new Hyperscale.

  • I’m wondering if the Reserved Space could be carefully lowered and what the risk will be. 
  • I also noted if I right click the Hyperscale Mount Path I have the option “Release Reservation”, what does that do? I have not found it in docs.   

  Regards, /Patrik


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Hello Patrik,


Please refer to

As you can see this is set to 40TB or 4% of total space (whichever is smaller). We used this for space for some functions of the hyperscale like data pruning, etc. It is not recommended to lower the threshold and is generally an indicator more space is needed.


As for reservations; releasing a reservation is primarily for tape library when a SCSI reservation is stuck. However you will also see it on disk libraries to solve an issue if a software reservation is stuck in our database. Using the option can clear this and it is very rare a stuck reservation occurs on disk.