Impact on backup retention by Change in server time

  • 23 February 2023
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HI Team,

 I have a question. If someone changes the time on commserve, will it impact my retention? i know we usse the concept of cycle that can be really good option against it. but still, just want to confirm that we don’t have cycle concept then will it impact our retention ?


Best answer by Venu Kondabhathini 23 February 2023, 23:51

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Hi KV Singh.

I would not recommend changing time on the Commserver due to below reasons.


  1. A few hours change in time will cause Commserver to detect the time change and will disable data aging.
  2. The Commserver will create a CA certificate based on the new time. This will cause backups to fail and communication issues due to certificate mismatch between Commserver and the clients.
  3. Schedules will go haywire due to change in time.
  4. Webconsole report will SLA and other report will report incorrectly.

If you have any questions or issue with retention, I suggest opening a case with Commvault support team and they will be happy to assist. 


BOL reference: Confirming CommServe Server Time Change (