Index cache foot print overview

  • 10 November 2022
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We have a grid where the index drives have utilization. The grid has 10+ storage policies with servers running OS backup.

I would like to try and define a process where we move 1 or more storage policy to another grid to stop the index cache growth.

Is there an overview somewhere (maybe report) that give give info about the actual index cache footprint for each storage policy?

Because then I hope we would be able to look at the different index cache sizes of the storage policies and then based on that decide which storage policy we need to move to another grid.


2 replies

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Good morning.  I am not aware of a report that maps indexes to storage policies.  For V2 indexes,  you can download and run the Index Server Load report as shown here:!/135/743/11351


This will give you the status of v2 indexes per MediaAgent and allow you to load balance if needed.

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Right but I need to know the index foot print for each storage policy. This is in order to try and figure out what storage policy we can move to another grid.

So I would like to know how much the clients index data take up on disk for each storage policy. Is there a way to do this?