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  • 25 November 2022
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I ve noticed one thing about index server ports. The customer reported me that one of his index servers not working. He has two instances of index server. Instance001 is using port 20010, Instance002 is using 20000. Instance001 service didn’t start. I ve noticed that process of instance002 datacube.exe is listening on that port. There is also 20000 port used for datacube.exe process for instance002 - that’s correct.

So I am assuming that index server is also using some dynamic ports. When I ve stopped instance002 then I was able to start instance001, then  restarted instanced002. After that both instances were running: instance001 was using port 20010 - correct, instance002 was using 20000 -correct and 20020. I didn’t find anything about that in documentation. Looks like sometimes it needs additional ports and it checks if its free. If not it check portnumber+10 etc. I am not sure about that. Is it possible to set up range of ports for index server?




2 replies

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Good morning.  Have you set up any network topologies to address the issue?  You can force all traffic over our default tunnel port of 8403 to get around the dynamic port issue.

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The only thing which I was thinking about is to change port for instance001 to different than 20010.

I don’t know why there is no information in documentation about additional ports for index server. They mentioned only about one port:

  1. To change the predefined network port that the nodes use to communicate with other Commvault services, in the Port box, enter the port number.

    The default port is 20000. You can use any port number from 20000 to 65535.”