Intellisnap: Report for orphaned NetApp snapshots?

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i need a report or script that generates a list of orphaned snapshots of the NetApp volume.

The report/script should query in the Commvault database the snapshots for a volume and the real snapshots on the NetApp volume. Both must be compared and all extra snapshots on the NetApp volume (Commvault knows nothing about) should be reported.

Has someone here something like that? Or a hint how this can be done?

Because of a database problem Commvault don’t delete the snapshots before a specific date. For volumes with a simple retention this is easy to do manual, but for the volumes with a advanced retention for monthly etc. snapshots it is complex when doing this manual, where will a report very helpful.

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O.k. one not so easy way i found:

  1. Generate a report of all Jobs of the last years, output to a CSV. Import this to Excel and copy only the line with the Job-Id to a single text file.
  2. Login to every NetApp and copy the output of 
    “snap list -fields vserver,volume,snapshot,create-time”
    to a single text file.

Now i have 2 files, one with only all Job-ID’s in the Commvault Database and one with all Snapshots on the NetApp.

This two files i copyed to a Linux machine and created a script:

lines=$(cat $file)
for line in $lines
     echo $line
     grep -v $line snaps > snaps.neu
     rm snaps
     mv snaps.neu snaps

After running that script i had a file with only the snapshots Commvaut knows nothing about.  In my case 450…

But it will be very nice if there will be a easyer way to that in the future to check for orphaned snapshots.

In this case for cleanup it will help me but i had already cases in the past where some snapshots where not deleted, so a report to check this every few moths will be nice...

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Hi @Raudi what I have noticed and also worked somewhat around this issue is that Commvault does not necessarily use the word “orphaned” for the NetApp snaps, but it does allow you to “reconcile” the snaps that do exist in your CV Database vs what exists in your NetApp.

The tool can be run directly from Array Management if want or there is also a report that can be downloaded from the CV Store.

Refer to:

Snap Reconciliation Report:!/135/664/13096

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Hmm… That sounds more like cleanup the jobs in the Commvault database when snapshots are deleted on the NetApp, so the other direction.

I have tryed to download that report but my account don’t work for that. I think i must ask the customer if he can download that for me…

I will test and write the result.

Thank you

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Hey @Raudi , hope all is well!

Wanted to follow up and see if the suggestions from @dude beared fruit.


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Currently i don’t found a way to download that report…

My login don’t work there , i can create support cases, download software and hotfixes but on that page i can’t login...

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@Raudi , did you register your CommCell on the cloud?  That will give you access:

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It’s not my CommCell, it’s from a customer and i’m only supporting the installation…

I had already asked the customer, but got no answer, will ask again next time when i have him at the phone...

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Appreciate the detail, @Raudi !  I’ll keep an eye out for your reply.

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Hey @Raudi !  Any chance you got a chance to speak to the customer since we last chatted?

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Yes, no one has a login for that page and can’t help me. So no chance to get the report for me. :frowning2:

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@Raudi just a thought.
You can use netapp powershell commandlets to script the extraction of information from the filers.
May be quicker then logon each of them.