JBase backup supported?

  • 12 February 2023
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Is it supported by Commvault to backup JBase database running on RedHat 8 OS ?


Best answer by Ralph 15 February 2023, 17:49

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5 replies

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Good afternoon.  Currently there is no support for JBase database protection.  If it is something that you require, you can speak to your account team about having a CCR created for this.

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@Mostafa Amin You can back up every database in the world with the Commvault File System iDA (pre-backup script) if the database software itself provides a command line tool.


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Do you mean using these steps:

  1. backup the database using CMD (pre-backup script) backup to directory X
  2. Use Commvault to backup the directory X
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@Mostafa Amin Exactly.



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@Ralph Thanks I’ll use this.

I think this may effect the efficiency of the incremental backups.