License is full even after we manually deleted snapshots

  • 7 September 2023
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we have purchased a license for 10 TB of snapshots. Yesterday we removed tons of snapshots from the arrays and no space was reclaimed at all. Today in the morning even more space was taken by snapshots than yesterday. We use intellisnap with vsphere and netapp. The license is full and we are getting alerts all the time. Any idea why this is happening or how we could fix this issue>? 

  • Comments: System has reached over 101 percent of the limit for [Snapshot] usage. Jobs may not run. Purchased quantity [10240]: consumed quantity [10360].

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4 replies

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Please find the details to decrease the license usage.

Capacity usage is calculated based on the size of all the latest IntelliSnap backup jobs that have run in the CommCell for all the supported hardware storage arrays.

To view capacity calculations for the CommCell environment, see Capacity Types in the License Summary Report.


Capacity Usage Increase

Capacity usage can increase because of any of the following actions:

  • Deploying newer clients with new data.

  • Assigning storage policies to content of newly created subclients.

Capacity Usage Decrease

Capacity usage can decrease because of any of the following actions:


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THX for the answer.


        The thing is, that we have manually deleted snapshots from all the storage arrays. Like half of all the snapshots. The deletion was successfull, but there was no decrease in the license capacity. I have run the data aging job, but it wrote that there is no eligible data for deletion. I suppose that there should be some space reclamation option somewhere. The snapshots are not on the netapp machine either. 




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It is not about the number of snapshots but the size of the snapshot for each particular client/subclient.

In license summary report in Java Console you can see which subclient how much snapshot license is taking.


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Thank you. It helped