LiveSync Web Console Issue

  • 11 October 2022
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We have installed LiveSync via the Java console, but when we go to LiveSync tile in the Web console to enable automatic failover and set up the monitoring nodes, we get the following message “CommServe LiveSync package is not installed. Install the CommServe LiveSync package and try again”


Has anyone else seen the above issue? and if so, how did you resolve it?


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Best answer by Craig Glaze 12 October 2022, 15:04

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4 replies


Had same issue but after repairing commvault both instance on Active Commserve node working fine 


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Does the automatic backup from the primairy CS and the restore towards the instance002 on the standby CS work?
Also what status of the nodes do you see in the process manager for Instance002? 

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Hi Mike,


We discovered the issue. We didn’t have the HAC package installed.

We have discovered a further issue, when we enable automatic failover, select the monitoring nodes and install the HAC package on the nodes. They’re showing as offline in the Command center.


I was wondering if this has been seen by others? we’re on 11.24.52.


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Hi @Craig Glaze ! thanks for the post.

There’s a few reasons that error can appear.

Can you check EvMgrS.log at the time this error appeared?

FR23 did add some extra checks to Livesync, though I don’t want to suggest random actions.