Lotus Domino Authentication requirements

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Good afternoon


I have two quick questions. We will be testing Domino DB backups for a customer. I can’t seem to find anything regarding any user accounts required to access the DB’s for backup/restore.

Does Domino not use any accounts for authentication to the DB?

I also see Domino V12 is not supported by Comvmvault yet. Does this mean that the backup process will fail or will it work, but isn’t supported.




Best answer by Scott Reynolds 12 May 2022, 20:15

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Hello @Mauro 

V12 is support in FR11.26

If I remember correctly, you are right there is no account needed for backup/restore. However, you do need to be familiar with Notes partitions/config
There is also some extra info if running V12 or later

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Hi Scott

Thanks so much for confirming this for me. I last did this 14 years ago so had to check everything and came across the same info, but feeling more comfortable now.

Thanks again.