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  • 20 August 2021
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We have a major project that will be started.
For various reasons some of our compute and applications will move to Azure Gov cloud.
At the present we have two commcells serving the enterprise on prem.
One of them contains backups for clients that need to move.

There are Local libraries for primary and Azure Libraris (Commercial cloud) for secondary copies.
Preferably being able to retain backups is desiered, at least the backups that exists in Azue.

I know that clients can be migrated to a new comcell but the backup data isn't migrated.
Anyone gone through something like this? If so how did you tackle the task.

We have just started to plan out this change and is just throwing ideas around.





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@Henke , you can migrate clients and the libraries:

Note you aren’t REALLLY migrating the libraries, you’re migrating the configuration (and then reconfiguring) the libraries so you can do restores of the old data from the new CommCell:

Here’s item 7:

On the MediaAgent Library Information page, complete the following steps:

  1. For the libraries that appear, from the Destination MediaAgent column, select the MediaAgent from the destination CommCell environment that you want to use to access the library for restore operations.

By default, Destination MediaAgent is set to Not Accessible. Use the Not Accessible option in the following cases:

  • You do not want to perform any restore operations on the migrated client computers.

  • You want to permanently migrate the MediaAgents that have access to the library that you are migrating.

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@Mike Struening Thank you, I’ll read that documentation and see if that gives some ideas to us.

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Great!  Let me know if any questions come up!

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@Mike Struening Is it possible to change a Commserve ID and add new lisenses on an existing Commserve?

Like hypothetically: Lets say we have an Commserve on site and a DR of that in Azure. If we would fail over to the DR one for use in Azure, all ties cut, can we then change the Commserve ID on the onsite one and add new licenses for that? After cleanup of clients and mountpaths and so on that would leave us with two individual commserves.


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You can split our CCIDs, but not through a CommCell Migration.

YEARS ago this was the case, but nowadays we have much better (and cleaner) options.

From this link

Split or merge clients into another CommCell to reduce licensing counts, or balance license/capacity usage.

Balance Licensing Counts


Configure a Licensing Server to manage licenses across multiple CommCells. Apply new licenses to convert between licensing packages. For more information, see License Administration.

Split or merge clients into another CommCell to change CSID, or change Licensing solution.

Convert to new CSID or License Package


Apply new licenses to convert Licensing solutions. For more information, see License Administration.

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@Mike Struening  Thanks. I did see it as a shortcut :-)