Media Server not discoverable from Commserve

  • 16 May 2024
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good day.


my first post here.

i am unable to discover my Media Agent from my Commserve and it seems like the only “client” affected by this.


obviously this has disrupted backup jobs of other clients.


these are the things I have confirmed to be working:

I can ping the servers interchangeably.

i can RDP into both servers from the other.

traceroute also was positive.


i have disabled local firewall on both servers. So there aren’t any ports being blocked.


From the console, the media agent readiness check failed, and the repositories are offline.

a Cvping across on both servers Via ports 8400 and 8403 were successful.


What could have gone wrong here?

I need help.

6 replies

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Do you have the media agent package installed?

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Yes please.

it is installed.

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is it the same version as the commserve?

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its not.

i have tried to upgrade however from the Commserve when I was notified.


that was when I noticed this issue.

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I would make sure the media agent is on the same version as the commserve and try again

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Just to clarify, since attempting an upgrade of the MediaAgent it can no longer communicate with the CommServe? If that is the case, I would suggest just reaching out to Support to resolve.