MFA / Microsoft Authenticator bypass ?

  • 5 March 2024
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Hello team!

In case of enabling mfa for ALL users / groups, Im wondering if there is any “backdoor” for admin user.

In case of lost Microsoft Authenticator app and email access, is there any way to restore access to Commcell, even with help of Commvault supoprt?

I cant decide if it’s preferred to enable mfa for all admins (master) users or to leave one admin user without mfa (with a strong password) in case of backdoor.

Please for your thoughts.

1 reply

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We've recently introduced a feature to facilitate SAML connectivity testing. This enables you to ensure SAML functionality before enabling it for all users. Furthermore, you can manage associated settings by navigating to the association section. By creating a breakglass user, you can verify that SAML login association doesn't apply to that user. you can setup MFA for this user also using either platform authentication for second factor.