Microsoft sql backup with intellisnap - should I use VSS setting?

  • 1 February 2021
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What are the pros and cons of using the “Use VSS” setting in the sql server instance properties.

What is the real difference between traditional backup methods and vss full backups when using NetApp and Intellisnap to backup MS SQL Instances?


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Hello Smartodd,

When VSS is enabled for SQL backups the backup process with leverage the MSFT SQL VSS Writer to perform a freeze and snapshot of the database.

When using the intellisnap option VSS is always used. It performs a VSS snapshot of the database then the disk snapshot is performed on the array. It does not matter if you select the option for not when Intelisnap is enabled in the subclient properties.

Non Intellisnap SQL backups do not use vss by default. Instead the backup process will leverage the MSFT VDI or Virtual Device Interface to perform the backup. This is a native MSFT provided API to run backups/restores.

Both are valid options and supported configurations. 

In VDI API does appear to have some performance benefits and usually unless needed and not using Intellisnap we generally recommend leaving the default option and not selecting the VSS option.




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Thank you very much.I believe I understand, and will leave the “Use VS”  unchecked in the Instance Property page.