Migration path to new Mediaagent for archived data

  • 2 August 2021
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What is the migration path for new Media agent; we have some servers which send archived data to a Media agent which is getting old; we want to move to a new media agent; usually for backups we just migrate to new hardware and do new full backups; we maintain aux copies so have historical data at a secondary location; however for archived data the data would still exist in old MA; would we require to aux copy the data to new MA before we can switch the jobs 


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5 replies

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Yeah this is a bit tricky because you essentially want to split the data two ways. Typically, you’d do an MA refresh and assume the old config on the new hardware. In this scenario, you’d probably want to do that, then copy the old data back - depending on what storage you are using and how its configured.


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Hi @Theseeker ,


As Damian mentioned, it really depends on what storage your Aux Copies are writing to.

If its locally attached disk presented via a storage appliance (nas/san) then you can build out a new server, mount the old storage on it (or share it accordingly), and continue along the ‘Media Agent Refresh’ path.

If its internal disk, than you would need to stand up a new server with new disk and ‘Aux Copy’ the data over or leaverage the ‘Move Mountpath Feature’. There are some caveats with ‘Move Mount Path’ so you’d want to be wary of those.


If you can give us some more info around the current Media Agent setup, we can provide you some more options on the ways forward.

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With that than, we’d want to consider either Auxiliary Copying the data across OR the ‘Move Mount Path’ option. 

In any case, you would be standing up a New Media Agent and for a period there would be two media agents (the old and the new) while we migrate data between.

IF there are DDB’s on the old server, these don’t need to be re-created and can be moved using the DDB Move Mount path options as well.

Performing an Auxiliary Copy Operation

Moving a Mount Path

  • Move Mount Path operation performs checksum verification of the data to ensure data integrity. As a result it may be slower than the Windows file copy operation.
  • Move mount path operation does not support drill hole capability when the source or destination MediaAgent is a Linux MediaAgent. If a mount path with drill hole capability is moved from a Linux MediaAgent, the mount path will consume more space after the move.


Moving a Deduplication Database to Another MediaAgent


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thanks all…will review the options and plan out accordingly 

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It is locally attached storage; local mount path for disk libraries.  Mediaagent is a Physical Windows Server with internal SAS disk attached via a RAID controller.  The reason for hardware refresh is the age of the Mediaagent (7 years old).