Monitoring VSA proxies through Commvault alerts?

  • 2 August 2021
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Through the Commcell Console, it is possible to monitor the online status of Media Agens through the alert “Configuration > MediaAgents” then by choosing the option “MediaAgent went offline”.

But since we don’t need to install the MediaAgent package to create a VSA proxy, it is not possible to monitor their online status through the same alert.

I tried to find the same feature by looking into “Configuration > Clients” and “Configuration > Client Group” but I didn’t find any option to monitor the online status of the VSA proxies.

Do you have any advise or method to monitor their online status?

Thank you very much in advance.


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To answer your question, no it is not possible as you would need to install the media agent software in order to use this alert. 

Currently cause the clients can be shutdown for a variety of reasons we did not provide and offline status alert for them. 

But there is an alert you can configure Operation - Event Viewer Events. 

we should trigger an communication event of some sort if the client goes offline. You can monitor the event viewer to see what events are thrown, when you shutdown the client or turn our services off. Then set the alert to trigger on these events for the clients in question.


Hopefully that will help.

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Hi John,


As Edward stated it’s not possible for that MA alert, you could possibly configure client offline alert.

Another thing you could do is schedule a Client Readiness Report (For the VSA’s), prior to the start time of the scheduled VSA Backups. - Then if any are offline you’d have that in a report.


Best Regards,



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Hello Edward and Michael,


Thank you for your answers.

I hoped there were an easy way to check the VSA proxies status…

I managed to monitor their status by creating a bash script to execute a qoperation check readiness on every proxy.