Moving clients to new storage policy question

  • 18 March 2023
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We changed some retention and aux locations and I pointed a bunch of clients over to this new storage policy we created. The new policy has a primary and aux location to it. The primary is going to have the same storage location that the clients went to before with the same DDB stuff. The aux location is new though and has a new pool and DDB to it. 

My question is if I should run a full backup of each of these clients now that they are repointed to the new storage policy? I think I have to right? The clients have been running a synth full on one day every two weeks and incrementals every other day. The original full backups don’t exist anymore. 

They wont just pickup in their normal chain (synths and incrementals) with moving them to the new policy right?



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Hey @barcode 

If a synthetic full backup ran on the new storage policy it would have copied data out of the old one to have the full ‘chain’. So there should be no need to run a traditional full backup. A change in the not so distant past has allowed you to keep running incrementals on the new storage policy. As long as the media agent still has access to the old datapath it can still use that data as part of the cycle. Prior to this change it would have forced you to run a full backup.