Moving DDB as part of splitting the commserv and media agent

  • 18 May 2024
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i am following the below link for splitting commserv and media agent , where commserv to a new machine and keepin exising commserv as only media agent ,

i moved the DDB using config only option to second instance MA , since the dedup is in same server and location reachable to new MA

once the spliitt is finished media agent and library is online but i am getting below error 


2 replies

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Hello @Ajal 
These kinds questions are much better targeted under a support ticket as an FYI. 
it seems that in the move your DDB is out of Sync and attempting to sync up.

You can force this by performing a cycle on the MA. If you are in Storage resources » deduplication engines and looking at the top level of your DDB you should be able to see its status at the top right. that will also give you a indication as to what it is struggling with. 


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Hi @Ajal , from the logs it seems that the Commserver MediaManager service is not able to connect to the DDB Engine. 

The logging line just above this line

Failed to connect to SIDBEngine []. iRet[53001]

Will give you more info on what the error seems to be. To be double sure, can you check if the DDB MA Name / IP Address printing in the logs is what it should be?