MS SQL IntelliSnap multi-instancing support

  • 23 October 2022
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Hi Experts,

our customer has a SQL Server with many SQL Instances.
The documentation mentions that multi instances are not supported.
Can someone tell me the reason for this
Is it possible to backup one instance of SQL Server with IntelliSnap and the other instances via streaming backup?

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Best answer by Scott Reynolds 23 October 2022, 15:08

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2 replies

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When the Documentation states multi-instance it is referring to multiple instances of Commvault. This is a feature where you can have two separate CommVault installs on a single server sometimes pointing to two different commcells. More on that here:

For the SQL agent you can have an unlimited number of SQL instances.

The reason for limiting CommVault instances is if you were to backup logs in both instances it would cause SQL chain breakage and cause various restore issues.

Yes you can have a SQL instance that leverages IntelliSnap and others that leverage streaming that is no problem. 

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Hi Scott,
thanks for the quick reply!
That is then misleadingly described in the documentation.

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