NDMP backup goes into pending state

  • 4 August 2023
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We had to configure backup for new NDMP servers. Backups are running fine on the start but then go into pending state at some point with error:

Error Code: [39:501]
Description: Client [stpbdedck8s001] was unable to connect to the tape server [swfjdedcba203] on IP(s) [] port [59022]. Please check the network connectivity.
Source: swfjdedcba203, Process: NasBackup




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2 replies

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Hi @Emilian 

This is definitely on the network where random ports are not allowed between NAS and MA. If we check the packets, it would definitely show RST errors.

My recommendation is to check with network team about ports and add specific ports to incoming in Commvault as confirmed.

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Hello @Emilian 

This error happens when connections over ephemeral ports fails. The initial Managmeent connection is successful on port 10000, but then the data connections fail due to us talking to the wrong LIF (via IP address) or because the network ports are restricted.

You can configure a range of ports for us to use and\or setup a Data Interface Pair to make sure we’re talking to the correct IP address for the filer.


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