Need to rename Client Hostname in console in bulk, around 1500 clients

  • 25 July 2023
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Need to Rename Client Hostname in Commserve console in bulk, around 1500 clients

3 replies

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Hello @Yogesh Burud 

You can refer the document:

Please make extra caution while changing the names and since you are doing it for the first time, please perform it in a test environment. 

You can also refer to the thread: 


Rajiv Singal

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@Yogesh Burud 

Please check this. You can change the client hostname from Commcell console or by using Command Line Interface locally.
On Commcell Console:
Using Command Line Interface


The command must be executed locally and cannot be used to change the name of a remote computer.


Note: Currently, there is no way to change the hostname in bulk. There are only 2 ways as mentioned above

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@Yogesh Burud 

Maximum you can try is keep the script with different value on a txt file and save that TXT as a .bat file.

Run the bat file so it will applicable for all.