Network issue and VMWare configuration

  • 20 February 2024
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Hi All,


A bandwidth issue is currently affecting production network communications. This problem takes place during the backup period.

In order to optimize our backup capacity, we are considering the configuration of dedicated ESXi Hosts for non-production backups.

Since commvault uses vcenter to take snapshots of VMs, will these snapshots be taken across all ESXi Hosts, despite us having dedicated ESXi Hosts specific to commvault?

Our goal would be for snapshots to be taken on all ESXi Hosts, but only dedicated hosts can transfer snapshots to the media agents. Our fear is that the vcenter will migrate the vmachines in the queue to the dedicated Hosts in order to take snapshots of the VMs.. which is to be avoided.



1 reply

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Hi @Lani Sinapi ,

Thank you for reaching out. 


Your understanding is correct that Commvault uses VC and sends API requests to take and delete snapshots.

It has no role in moving the snapshots using different ESX. I would suggest you check with VMware if there is any possibility of the scenario you are looking for.