Oracle agent installation on Linux

  • 12 April 2024
  • 3 replies

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We use Oracle on a Linux servers. The Linux teams installs the Oracle agent for us.
All Linux servers are VMware servers. 
When we check the Java Console. Sometimes we only see the Oracle agent and the other time we see Oracle agent and Virtual server.
What is happening here.
Perhaps Commvault installs the agent voor VMware/ Oracle application Aware backup?
Can anyone help? 

3 replies

The VM was backed up by VSA agent. This happened:)

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Is it not always the case with VMware backup?

Both servers are backuped via VMware.

Yes, it is. Sometimes the VM clients are merged with already existing agent-based clients or vice versa. But it depends on several factors. Please check in Client Computers view (adding the VMs there) if you by any chance have separate client for Oracle agents and separate VM with VMinstance. That would explain the “inconsistent” behaviour.