ORACLE RAC Backup Inquiry

  • 20 October 2023
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We had our Oracle RAC being backup by the Commvault. The backup is running ever since with any config changes or past issue but suddenly our DB team complaining of latency issue due to Commvault is doing backup of data in node which is the active which consume a lot of memory and cpu resources of the DB servers.


The DB is questioning why the backup is performed in the node 1(active) as they assume it runs in node 2 before that is why no latency issue encountered in their end. The challenge question to Commvault is is there a way the backup process is deviating from doing backup from one node to do it in another node automatically? What is the behavior of Commvault Oracle RAC backup, where the data is read to which node and is there a way to change it by default to read in another node of the cluster?

1 reply

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Hi Ras,

Is this a data guard setup ad DB end?


Karthikeyan K