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  • 7 February 2023
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Hello Commvault Community,

i am currently having the following problem:

We are having a Backup for our Postgresql Database, for which we are using the Archive Log Options with a defined Archive Log Directory.
Under "Log Backup", we set the Checkbox of Archive Delete, so that, as far as we understand, the Files from the Archive Directory get deleted after a successful backup.

Now, after having set that value, we still do not have our Archive Directory cleared from those Logfiles, which are successfully listed under the Last Log Number entry.

Can somebody tell me which point i am missing or why it doesnt work the way i think it should? 
Or otherwise, correct me if i am wrong.

Best regards


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Hi @JanD 


PostgreSQL archive delete option will delete logs under archive log directory which are backed up by the current transaction log backup job.

Archive logs from the previous job that are backed up with out archive delete option may not be pruned.


Could you make a note of the current log sequence in the archive directory, once additional logs are created, run a new job and verify if it deleted the logs backed up by the current job.


Please ensure to run a full backup if a manual clean up is performed.



Gowri Shankar