Qlogin not working after OS upgrade

  • 25 April 2023
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Last week we upgrade OS from 2012 to 2022 with SQl 2019. And now i see that one of the user cannot qlogin on another client to run a script. Its saying that username or passwoord invaled. But with the same user i can log in on webinterface or command center. 


EvSecurityMgr::userLogin() - Socket [0x00000000000019AC]: LOGIN ERROR: Invalid login/password attempt with UserName 


With another user can i have no probleem to qlogin


Now i want to create a new user but i need change from normaal password to Strong Paswoord -ps. Any idee how i do it? 


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3 replies

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Hi @Egor Skepko.

On the CommServe there is a qsdk.log - might be worth seeing what is printed there when the login fails for the remote client/user. CVD.log on the Commserve may have something too.

The OS upgrade should not have had any impact - but its strange that it correlates. Did you upgrade the Commvault version as the same time ?

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@Damian Andre in the qsdk.log i see only:


LoginRequestWorker::DoWork [11098]  Processing Login request received for user[xxxxx] from hostName [xxxxx] isGuidBasedSession:[true] 
14668 2060  04/26 06:09:31 ---  CSConnection::ActUserLogin [xxxxxx:19 ]   QSDK error received: [329]
14668 2060  04/26 06:09:31 ---  CSConnection::Login [xxxxx:19 ]  Login failure for User:xxxxxx for CommServer: xxxxx
14668 2060  04/26 06:09:31 ---  LoginRequestWorker::SessionLogin [11098]  Login to CommServer failed with error 329


On CVD log nothing to find.


Maybe the passwoord not meet the requiments? If i make a new passwoord how can i get string of Passwoord Strong ? 

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This is working again, i dont know but user can qlogin again.