questions for DDB signature and re-baseline

  • 20 April 2023
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Hello Community

#1  vms are linked to the same storage pool and DDB is enabled, when moving the VM between subclients will initiate a re-baseline ?
#2 Could you confirm whether Commvault generates the DDB signature based on the server name or UUID or else?"

#3 If we enable Commvault encryption on the subclient level, will this trigger DDB re-baseline when the scheduled job starts for the existing subclients ? if so, does job will convert to full automatically or has to run full manually ?


thank you


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2 replies

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Good afternoon.   

  1. Moving VMs in the same storage pool between subclients should not re-baseline the data.
  2. A SHA 512 algorithm is generated against every block of data.  That algorithm is compared to previously seen blocks of data.  It is not based on UUID or Client name
  3. If you enable encryption at the subclient level it will not force a re-baseline.
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@Orazan thank you