Replacing a VMware access node via Command Center might impact pruning of snapshot

  • 17 March 2023
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Following a recent experience I thought let's share this with the community. We replaced all our access nodes in one of our environments to use the Commvault provided FREL image. At some point we noticed older snapshots were not being pruned and we found out that the aging of the snapshots, when deleting them directly from the hypervisor configuration was failing with the following error: No Host found with HostId [1111].

The logs revealed the following error:

14852 149c  03/17 09:36:01 741958 CVSnapClientAPIInternal::deleteVolumeSnaps () - Failed to delete Volume Snaps. Err [60204:Unknown Volume Mount Host]. VolSnapInfo Status-[60280] Err [60204:No Host found with HostId [1111].].

We in the end managed to fix the issue by selecting the newly added access nodes in the Array Access Nodes section that is part of the the Array Management module for the particular hypervisor within the CommCell Console.

Of course I hope development will fix this in the future so you do not have to go back to the CommCell console. 

1 reply

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Thanks for reporting this @Onno van den Berg !