Report - a simple list of ALL machines commvault is configured for

  • 18 February 2021
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I am seeing many different ways to run reports in CV, but none simply list ALL the machines configured for backup (whether active or inactive or virtual or not).  This is an Audit requirement to produce a daily report of ALL machines to compare against another baseline for coverage. Also to monitor when devices are added or removed - reporting when the count changes.  Unfortunately I am having great difficulty creating a report, as well as getting ALL the machines defined in the report.  Would anyone know how this can be accomplished?


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3 replies

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Hey @Jeremy_W , thanks for the question!

Not exactly a simple report, but one that should have what you need:

The CommCell Configuration report shows all of the agents, enabled or not.  It shows a lot more as well, but should have what you need.

If anything you need is not covered there, let me know and I’ll look for other options.  Of course, a custom report is always an option.

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If your commserve reports to at all, check out Client Details report. 


You can export this data to CSV for easier viewing



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Mike - Thank you but the report is really large (to much details) , and the format is not clean.

Jordan - I was initially confused by what you meant by the report and thought you meant to download it, however, I found it in CV Webconsole → Reports. it showed up in a group labeled “Untagged” and the report was called “Client Details”.  I ran all 3 report formats (PDF, HTML, and CSV), and you were absolutely correct CSV is what I needed and it looks great!

Now to get the auditors approval ;)  
Thank you everyone!!