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  • 25 August 2022
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I am wondering if i can just pass an Report URL to Users so they can view an Report without Login / 


I wanted a Self Service where End Users can check last sucessfull backup but i do not want them to have an account on the Commcell or the overhead of login




Best answer by Onno van den Berg 26 August 2022, 10:41

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5 replies

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Sure can:

Let me know if you have any questions 🤓

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good Moring Mike,


jeah i saw that but i dont want to export that / import it to another webserver. I just wanted to have this report available on the Commvault Webserver without login required.



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I do not think this functionality is offered. What is the reason why you want to do this? Can't you live with a solution that uses a specific user account with limited access? Other alternatives are indeed to send the reports via mail or export specific information to an external database. 

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Hi Onno,


I wanted to archive a live self service for reporting of last run backups. Easiest way would be to grant access to the report without any additional tasks for me and the end user like login.



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For this use case I would consider leveraging InfluxDB/Grafana.