restore performed over LAN problem

  • 31 May 2021
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We are experiencing some problems related to the restore part(FS/SQL)in the sense that even if we have some firewall rules set up in place(inbound/outbound on MA,clients,commserver via proxy server)and the backup is made using a separate backup network card configured on proxy server and clients, the restore part still seems to be made via LAN

Unfortunately this problem with the restore made over LAN causes us a lot of problems in the sense that sometimes the firewall crashes

Is there anyway to avoid this and force the restore to be made using the dedicated backup vlan?


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4 replies

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Firewall rules for backup clients


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Hi @Backup_team 

Thank you for the question.

Additional configuration options exist where a Dedicated Backup Network exists.

A Data Interface Pair (DIP), allows you to configure certain interfaces to use between:

  • Two Clients
  • Client Group and a Client
  • Two Client Groups

If you have remote clients using a proxy with a dedicated backup vlan, please take a look at Setting Up a Data Interface Pair Between a Client Group and a Client.

This should route all traffic between the group of remote clients and the backup vlan interface of the client and hopefully avoid the firewall issues you have seen.



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Many thanks for the fast reply @Stuart Painter !!

Below the network configuration also for the Media agent group:

Proxy configuration:

I think the big problem is that we need to have also the second backup network card configured on the Media Agent...We have it configured only on the clients and proxy

Best regards,

Bck Team


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I believe the message “restore over lan” simply means the data is transferring over the network from the Media Agent to the client. The opposite is a LAN-FREE restore when the Media agent is also the destination client, and the data is transferring directly from the locally attached storage - such as DAS or tape attached and does not transfer over the network.

Its probably a legacy message that could be better updated - it will say this regardless of firewall settings etc.


You can force communications over a particular network interface using data interface pairs