Restore Teams chats and other content for end users

  • 16 January 2023
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Good Morning!


I read the documentation on restoring Teams content: Teams (


It states for private chats: “To back up these items, use either an Exchange Online app or a OneDrive for Business app.”

Unfortunately, I didn’t find any more details on the subject. Could you tell me where the private chats are backed up and how can I restore them?


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5 replies

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Hey @Zoltan,

I found this when searching for similar issues:

I’m not sure if your version is higher than 11.20.36 (it likely is).

The documentation also states that private chats should now be in the “TeamsMessagesData” folder

Documentation Source


Previously, private chats were stored in the posting user's mailbox, in a hidden folder called Conversation History\Team Chat. Starting October 2020, they are stored in TeamsMessagesData.

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Hi @Chris Hollis ,


Thank you for the update. Let’s hope MS releases the API at some point. :)


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@Damian Andre , thank you. Yes, we are using 2022E. I did find the hidden folder “~TeamsMessageData” in the user’s mailbox, ran the restore but the user’s telling me that she cannot see the chats in Teams.


For testing purposes, I restored a recently deleted chat within my own mailbox. The restore was completed (in overwrite mode) but the chat didn’t get restored into Teams.

I could export the conversation to PST and open it from my Outlook client but am not sure how I can move it back to Teams.



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Hi @Zoltan 

I hope you are well.

Unfortunately, Microsoft have not released an API for private chats/files to be imported/exported into the application itself.. so if you’re expecting the restore to recover directly back into teams for this type of data, I’m afraid that’s not going to be the case.

As soon as one becomes available, we’ll support it and update documentation accordingly.

Hopefully this helps.






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Hello @Chris Hollis and @Damian Andre 

Any update about Teams Personal chats restore?

After 9 months of this thread I still read that “Chat messages and links to the files shared cannot be restored back to Teams, at this time.” from

Teams Personal chat, is still part of Exchange online service?

Best regards,