S3 storage required to support Backup on AWS

  • 25 January 2022
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The Front End Volumes are as follows:

Required how much S3-IA ; Glacier and Deep Archive required for 1 year

Policy Type Retention Type Front End TB
Document Store / File Shares 8 Years 200
VM Backups 30 days 79

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3 replies

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@Rahul18081 , this will be a tough one to answer definitely.  Do you know the rate of data change on this data?  The baseline plus 10% is a good size estimate for a dedupe store, though retention and rate of change factor in as well.

Considering you’d prefer a breakdown per tier, I would suggest you reach out to your Account Team who are better suited to assist.

I’ll reach out to them on your behalf to assist.

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Hi Mike,

I have consider Change rate as 2% `I have created the below plz check 


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@Rahul18081 , your account team should be reaching out to you to discuss your best options.

Can you let me know once they do?