SAP MaxDB DB backup client configuration

  • 29 November 2023
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Hello community,

We are try to configure SAP MaxDB backup. We have completed client installation and instance configuration, but we facing errors related to pipes / streams.

Backint, param and streams are configured according to following guide:

During backup (from Workflow) we are getting the following error:

Error Code: [19:857] Description: OK ERR -24925,ERR_PREPARE: Preparation of backup operation failed Can not create pipe '\\.\pipe\pipe_mem1'. (System error 13; Permission denied) Source: cv*****, Process: Workflow

Please for your feedback,

4 replies

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Hi @Nikos.Kyrm 

Appears to be a permissions issue. Can you review if the installation is done with right user and groups?


After you complete the installation,




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@Sunil Thanks for your reply.

Actually our issue was complicated, so we opened a Commvault case “231205-249”.

Here you can find the case summary below:

-- SAP MAXDB backup using workflow is failing for client "xxxxx" - instance "xxx" with error 'Preparation of backup operation failed:Can not create pipe '\\.\pipe\pipe_mem1\.System error 13: Permission denied)


-- Client OS is SLES 15.4 and commvault installed is 11.28.83

-- OS user is "sqdxxx" , instance looks properly configured.


-- Noticed in client "id sqdxxx" , the groups are sdba and sapsys. 


-- /opt/commvault/Base shows root:root as owner , we changed it to sapsys 

-- Initiated workflow again and noticed error "File /SapMaxDbAgent/backint.conf is missing or unreadable


-- Connected to dbmcli and reviewd dbm_configget, looked correct yet we re-configured it as below:



dbm_configset -raw BSI_ENV /opt/commvault/SapMaxDbAgent/backint.conf 
dbm_configset -raw set_variable_0 LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/commvault/Base
dbm_configset -raw set_variable_1 SHLIB_PATH=/opt/commvault/Base


-- medium_getall looked incorrect, it included mem1, mem2, mem3, mem4 windows configuration as well. 



-- Once we corrected the medium pipes, initiated backup again and notice same error : "File /SapMaxDbAgent/backint.conf is missing or unreadable"

-- Further in /sapdb/xxx/backup/ saw the owner is sdba and not sapsys.

-- Did a cvpkg under /opt/commvault/Base and changed group owner from sapsys to sdba and initiated workflow again.

-- Backup workflow got completed now.


Best regards,


what do you need to configure from linux and what you need to configure thru dbcli?

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what do you need to configure from linux and what you need to configure thru dbcli?

Hello @Edvinas Jack ,

I’m not sure. In my case, most of the configuration in Linux done from Sap admin in collaboration with Commvault support. 

Best regards,