Selective Copy for One-Time-Client-Specific Audits in Plans

  • 25 January 2023
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Trying to find the best way to set up at Selective Copy in a Plan to be able to send One-Time, Client Specific, Full backups to Tape for external audits.  

In a Storage Policy this is easy as we can select what Client, or even SubClient, to copy data for. 

This option is not available in a Plan though, it’s only which Fulls to Copy for all associated Clients.

I can create a separate Plan for this and redirect a Full Backup to this Plan but that would mean a new Full backup and these jobs can be up to 30TB which is not ideal to stream directly to Tape in this environment. We want to benefit from Synthetic Fulls from the Primary Disk Copy. 

Can I create this Selective Copy from the CommCell Console under the Storage Policy section for the Plan or is that not supported/recommended? Or will Client Selective be available in Plans in a short future?




Best answer by Luca Marinoni 26 January 2023, 11:50

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Hi Patrik

modify trough CommcellConsole (JavaGUI) someting have you previusly configure on Command Center is not raccomended, but for your case for now I thinks the only way to do this by Commcell Console under STGP like you mention easy.

Otherwise create a separate plan will be read all data, but if you use the same GDP read speed will be  faster than first full backup, time are spent to compare data with DDB no time to write (if are nothing changed since last backup) few time to read major time to DDB, but 30TB is a lot. 

Good luck.