Still the joy of CV restore progress

  • 6 September 2021
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Still the joy of seeing a commvault restore progress:



while in reality the first one has been completed for 40% and the second one for 10% (getting this from CV logfile on the client!!!)

6 replies

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I feel your pain! Would really love to see this being improved! 

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Hey @Bart , hope all is well!

I know from years back that Database restore progress doesn’t show as incremental, though if you are seeing a more accurate % in the log files, then we should have a way to reflect that in the GUI!

I’ll share this thread with some developers and see what we can do.  Like @Onno van den Berg , I feel your pain!

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Hi @Bart ,

can you confirm which database restore you are running and size of the database here?




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I got very excited when VSA restores started showing true progress a few years ago :grinning: (it works by counting the extents backed up vs restored and displays as a % for the data movement phase of the job) - you can infer ETA that from start time vs progress %.

When your boss is behind you asking when x application will be back online, it sure helps to have some sort of estimate :grinning: 

@Bart, definitively work with @Brahma as he can make the magic happen with databases.

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@marekk , that was awesome!  His last line is gold….”it mitigates the fear of death.  too much?”

I always loved how PC games would use the install screen/progress to tell a story since I had to sit there watching anyway.  Give me something to read while I’m there!