stop backing up server but retain backups

  • 6 September 2023
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We have a client that wants to retain the backups we have but no longer have us do backups 

what are our options they currently have a 90 retention , basically we want to freeze time and just retain that 90 days, is that possible

3 replies

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Hi @RobM 

You can just disable backup activity on that client. That will prevent any further backups but the existing backups will be retained as per the retention settings.




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If you don’t want to change the policy or plan retention to 90 days you can change the retention for the jobs of particular client at copy level to 90 days.

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Hello @RobM,

You can disable Backup Activity on the Client. This will prevent further backups from running and we will keep the last cycle of backups until you manually delete them. Based on your Cycles, this may be less than the 90Day retention you desire, but you can disable data aging per client to stop pruning. Or you can manually retain backups indefinately manually.


Data Aging For Subclients With Backup Activity Disabled -

Jobs associated with subclients in which the backup activity is disabled will continue to honor retention days and retention cycles specified in the storage policy.

When backups are disabled in Activity Control, backups are considered as temporarily suspended and hence retention cycles will NOT be ignored.

Disable Data Aging on a Client -

Retaining a Job -

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