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  • 18 August 2021
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Hi Folks,

I am constantly battling the error System State Backup error below on many of my windows hosts:


ERROR CODE [6:64]: System state backup of component [System Protected Files;] failed.
Source: servername, Process: clBackup


What is everyone doing to automate the remediation of this problem on your hosts? I have a moderate sized environment (~1500 hosts) so handholding each one when it pops up is a time consuming and arduous process. 

Thanks in advance!



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6 replies

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There’s no permanent fix for System State issues (well, maybe Linux...).

Critical and Non-Critical System State Components for Windows File System

Excluding System State Components from Windows File System Backups

If you’re seeing “non-critical” items currently as the issue, you can exclude them.



I’m facing the same issue. Many of our windows clients are getting this error and reboot fixes it temporarily but the error occurs again. It would be very helpful if someone can provide a permanent fix for this.

Thanks in advance

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@RHITSec Everytime i have a backup with that error, the only way i find to resolve it is to reboot the backed up machine.

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@RHITSec , were the above replies helpful, or are you looking for something that more automated?  The challenge with automating this is that the cause for a given System State failure can and will differ greatly between clients.

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I’d suggest checking the usual:

  • VSS Writers State (Ensure System Writer is present also)
  • Disk Space / Configured Shadow Storage Limits

For the above, refer here:


The Application event Log at the time of the issue may show VSS related events also.


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Depends on what the cause of the failure is. What is causing the System Protected Files to fail?